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For Processing Both Tube and Flat Sheet.

Featuring compact structure, GS-G fiber laser cutting machine is specially designed for processing both tube and sheet.
Glorystar Laser offers this series laser cutting machine in three optional working areas and a power of 500W-4000W.

Product Introduction

Adopts open structure, takes up less space, and is easy to operate and affordable. Therefore, it is more popular among some small and medium-sized enterprises. The power of the GS series fiber laser cutting machine equipment is 500W-4000W, and the working area can be up to 6m*2m.The high precision ball screw and rack and pinion drive make the fiber laser cutting machine very stable and the cutting precision reaches 0.05mm. The cutting nozzle of the GS series fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a non-contact sensor, which can adjust the gap between the nozzle and the metal to be cut. Even the workpiece with uneven surface has good processing effect.



Model GS-3015 GS-4015 GS-6015
Laser power 500W-3000W (Optional) 500W-3000W (Optional) 500W-3000W (Optional)
Work area 3000*1500mm 4000*1500mm 6000*1500mm
Max. X-axis stroke 1510mm 1510mm 1510mm
Max. Y-axis stroke 3030mm 4030 6030
Max. Z-axis stroke 270mm 270mm 270mm
X/Y axis geometric positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm (full range) ≤0.05mm (full range) ≤0.05mm (full range)
X/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy ≤0.03mm ≤0.03mm ≤0.03mm
Cutting pipe length 3000&6000mm
Chuck cutting size Manual Chuck φ20-φ190mm/φ20-φ220mm/φ20-φ340mm
Automatic Chuck φ20-φ120mm/φ20-φ220mm/φ20-φ340mm


  • *  The GS-G laser cutter features an IPG laser, with a low energy consumption and long lifespan.

  • *  The optical fiber transmission for optical setup requires no complex reflectors or other light guide systems, ensuring a simple optical set up and stable structure.

  • *  A high precision gear rack drive and high precision linear guideway are used to ensure the processing accuracy.

  • *  A high quality servo motor and reducer are used for ensuring the processing speed and accuracy.

  • *  The GS-G laser cutter features a high cutting speed, high efficiency, safe operation and stable performance.


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