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GS-60XXEG Series

Tube/Pipe Laser Cutting Machine



GS-60XXEG-Series-GS-EG Configuration


  • *  IPG laser has strong cutting ability and long service life.

  • *  The machine tool adopts high-strength integral welded fuselage, which is annealed at high temperature to eliminate stress and is not deformed in long-term use.

  • *  In molestie mauris ut nunc sodales, non laoreet ante ultrices.

  • *  The machine tool is equipped with automatic lubrication device, which runs smoothly and has low noise.

  • *  The cutting area is equipped with a dust removal and smoke exhaust device, which can discharge the dust and exhaust gas generated by cutting in time to avoid harming the operator’s body.

  • *  The laser adopts modular structure with high performance and maintenance-free.

    Professional CNC system and cutting software support CAD graphics and text programming, and can design all kinds of graphics and text cutting at will.


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