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GSW-SF Handheld Laser Welding Machine


Product Introduction

The hand-held welding machine of Glorystar GSW-SF, with all in one design, has built-in cold water system, laser generator, control system, fiber storage space, saving equipment space. There are casters&wheels at the bottom for easy handling.

The mini spherical tri-color indicator not only save space, but also indicates the working state of the device.

Spot welding and continuous welding can be achieved with hand-held welding machine,and it’s welding power and the duty ratio can be set by the touch screen. Both laser and chiller have alarm protection function, and the red indicator will light up when the alarm is on.


Name Fiber laser welding machine Semiconductor laser welder
Interface type QBH QBH
Laser incidence Coaxial Coaxial
Laser power 1000W&1500W&2000W 900W&1200W&2000W
Laser wave length 1070μm 915-980μm
Collimated focal length 50mm 30mm
Focusing focal length 100mm 100mm
Protective gas Nitrogen or Argon Nitrogen or Argon
Weld head weight 0.95KG 1KG
Cooling method Built-in water chiller Built-in water chiller
Electricity demand 220V/380V 220V
Overall size 1045*656*1280mm 1045*656*1280mm
Total weight 218KG 215KG


  • The GSW-S1F welding head is designed with the body engineering design method, fully considering the comfort of the customer for long-term use, and has protective measures to light output only when the welding material is docked, to prevent the user from accidentally injuring others. It is easy to install with drawer type protective lens, and it is convenient for customers to carry out maintenance. At the same time, nozzles with different angles can be configured to meet the needs of customers to weld different products.  

  • Handheld welding machines adopts fiber lasers or semiconductor lasers, which have many advantages such as high photoelectric conversion efficiency, small size, maintenance-free, and low failure rate.


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