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GS-CEG Tube & Sheet Laser with Shuttle Platform 

 GS-CEG laser cutting machine can cut metal plate and pipes without extra cost

Product Introduction

The GS-CEG laser cutter is able to cut tubes and sheets with no extra costs associated with the purchase of two machines, as well as saving the space occupied by two machines. No additional configurations are needed to complete changeover between tubes and sheets, which maximizes the working efficiency. The double platform design allows one platform to operation, while the other simultaneously feeds materials, thus increasing the working efficiency.



Model GS-3015CEG GS-4015CEG GS-4020CEG GS-6020CEG
Laser power 500W-4000W (Optional) 500W-4000W (Optional) 500W-4000W (Optional) 500W-4000W (Optional)
Work area 3000*1500mm 4000*1500mm 4000*2000mm 6000*2000mm
X-axis stroke 1530mm 1530 2030 2030
Y-axis stroke 3050mm 4050 4050 6050
Z-axis stroke 340mm 340mm 340mm 340mm
Undefined X/Y axis geometric positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm (full range) ≤0.05mm (full range) ≤0.05mm (full range) ≤0.05mm (full range)
X/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy ≤0.03mm ≤0.03mm ≤0.03mm ≤0.03mm
Cutting pipe length 3000&6000mm
Chuck cutting size Manual Chuck φ20-φ190mm/φ20-φ220mm/φ20-φ340mm
Automatic Chuck φ20-φ120mm/φ20-φ220mm/φ20-φ340mm
Machine size 8700*3800*2000mm 10900*3800*2000mm 10900*4370*2000mm 15100*3800*2000mm
9050*3800*2000mm 10900*3800*2000mm 10900*4370*2000mm 15100*3800*2000mm


  • The machine body is treated with high-temperature annealing, ensuring long-term use without deformation.

  • *  Driven by precision gear rack and linear guideway, the laser cutter features a high precision, high efficiency and stability.

  • *  The cutting head is equipped with protective glasses to reduce the consumption of valuable consumables like focus lenses and other parts.

  • The focal length is automatically adjustable according to the material surface flatness. The cutting effect is not influenced by an uneven surface.

  • *  A hand-held controller is equipped to manually adjust the cutting position.

  • *  The use of a high quality servo motor and reducer ensures the processing speed and accuracy.


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