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JQ RF Marking machine


The laser tube can be re-used and has a long life ;

The spot is fine, the precision is high, and the heat diffusion area is small ;

Fully enclosed metal RF tube for higher stability ;

Simple and easy to operate, low maintenance costs ;

Wide range of applications for a wide range of materials and products.


Co2 Laser Power

20W / 30W/ W2

Laser Wavelength


Repeat Frequency

≤25 KHz

Minimum Line Width

0.10 mm

Repeated Positioning Accuracy 

±0.01 mm

Internal Power

≤1.2 KW

Working Size

110X110mm / 150X150mm / 200X200mm / 300X300mm

Marking Speed

8000 mm/s

Minimum Character

0.4 mm

Cutting Thickness


Operating System


Supported Graphic Formats


Cooling Method