Sheet metal working machine

As world leader in sheet metal working machines, Haco offers a complete range of reliable, high-precision machines and the software that goes with it. Our customers get the best price/quality ratio on the market. Do you have specific needs? As an absolute specialist, we can provide a customized solution for every specific situation.


Punching                                        Bending

Haco's high-tech CNC turret punching machines                         Our CNC press brakes are cost-effective and low

enable you to obtain very short production times                          maintenance. Discover our wide range with capacities
with a minimum number of tools.                                                   varying from 40 to 20,000 tons.

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Shearing                                         Plasma

Our high quality hydraulic guillotine shears                                   This diverse range meets your every need when it
are able to handle up to 32 mm thick mild steel                             comes to plasma cutting. Specific applications,
sheets, up to 6 m. Their exceptional efficiency makes the           different plasma systems and various cut

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Plate & Section rolling                    Notching

A full range of sheet and profile                                                     Fixed and variable angle notching machines with
roll-bending machines.                                                                    different capacities for fast and precise cutting.
                                                                                                        These machines are ready-to-use!


Software solution                               Visit HACO web site

A user friendly , windows based software package
developed to control the intregrate work flow
and interaction between your different.

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